About Us

1992 – Reliable Tire Recycling(RTR) acquired it’s current home located at 1450 Dublin Avenue, and started as collecting and processing tires across Manitoba. RTR’s entry was the direct result of the emergence of the fist tire program in Manitoba, call the UTMP(Used Tire Management Program) as there was much needed tire recycling capacity required in the province. Early days saw RTR clean up all stock piles of tires on the Manitoba landscape and processed them into blasting mats and tire derived aggregate(shred) for civil engineering purposes.

2007 – Acquired Tire Recycling Corporation of North America, located in Winkler, Manitoba which was a tire crumbing and molding operation manufacturing such products as rubber matting for the sports and agricultural markets.

2010 – Crumbing operations moved to Winnipeg

2011 – Molding operations moved to Winnipeg

2019 – Acquired OTR Recycling located in Ashern, Manitoba whose focus continues to be on OTR(Off the Road) tires.  which are repurposed into cattle feeders, water troughs and mulch for the landscaping market.

We are proud to be Manitoba’s only premier vertically integrated tire recycler, providing efficient and consistent collection of tires in the Province,  converting them into value added products such as molded goods, rubber mulch for the landscaping industry, blast mats for the construction service industry, sidewalls for the agricultural and traffic safety markets and more. . 

We invite you to look around our website as we continue to make Manitoba green!