Manitoba Tire Pick Up

Reliable Tire Recycling is proud to be the largest collector and processor of scrap tires in Manitoba since
the inception of the Tire Stewardship program. We would be happy to come and pick up your used tires, free of
charge from your place of business.

Should you require a tire pick-up either within the City of Winnipeg or anywhere in rural Manitoba, please call us at 204-774-0725 or contact Chris at cmiddleton@rtrrubber.  We appreciate your patience sometimes during fall and spring months, which are our busiest months due to the influx of tire sales provincially.

RTR is also always looking for people to collect tires in certain rural areas for us. If you have an interest, please call us at 204-774-0725 or send your inquiry via email to

If you require *regular* pick up service, please call Tire Stewardship Manitoba.  After you have filled out a simple form and have submitted it to TSM head office, they will provide you with a  location-specific registration number commonly referred to as a ‘TSM number’.