FAQ – Tire Collection Services

Does Reliable Tire Recycling recycle tires?

Where is Reliable Tire Recycling located?
We are located on 1450 Dublin Ave in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

When can I come by and drop off my tires?
We are open Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM.

Do you have parking available to the public?
We do!  After you have entered our yard on 1450 Dublin Ave, continue straight until you see the
weight scale.  The public parking lot is located to the right of it.  You can’t miss it!

Will RTR buy my used tires off of me?
No. We cannot and will not buy used tires from anyone.

I have 8 used tires on my property here in Winnipeg.  Will RTR swing by and pick them up?
We cannot because of weight restrictions, as well as narrow streets and back lanes. We kindly
ask the public to drop their used & unwanted tires at our yard here in Winnipeg on 1450 Dublin Ave, if possible.
If it is more convenient, you are also more than welcome to contact the tire retailer you typically
buy your tires from and get their permission to hold on to your unwanted tires.  We will then pick
them up from that particular tire retailer during our weekly city pick up run.

Is Reliable Tire Recycling the only tire processor in Manitoba?
Yes, we are proud to have serviced Manitobans for more than 30 years producing value added products from unwanted scrap tires. 

Do you sell directly to the public?
Absolutely!  You, your friends & family are encouraged to drop by to check out our showroom, Monday – Friday, which is located on the second floor of our office.  There is someone always here to answer any questions you may have!