Blasting Mats

As always, made entirely from used and unwanted scrap tires collected here in Manitoba.

Use: Prevention of collateral damage to equipment, other structures or personnel during explosive demolition & for rock fall protection. Also used as temporary roads.

Description: Standard & customized sizes of 12″ thick semi truck tire treads threaded onto new cable with forged clamps & lifting rings.


  • 16′ x 20′ x 12″
  • 10′ x 15′ x 12″
  • 10′ x 12′ x 12″
  • 8′ x 15′ x 12″
  • Will also build to your size spec!
  • COMING SOON:  Passenger/light truck blast mats!  Continue checking back here for updates!


What sets our Blasting Mats apart from the competition? Quality, as we use nothing but:

  1. Carefully selected heavy truck tire treads to ensure the quality of our products.
  2. New steel cables which give the mat strength and longevity, second to none in the industry!
  3. Forged cable clamps that ensure tension in the mat during blasting.
  4. Your choice of forged or welded lifting rings. Both are overkill on any lifting load.
  5. Unlike our competitors, we are the only manufacturer in North America to be able to produce mats over 12′ wide!



– Heavier than competitive mats.
– More durable.
– Longer life. Hence, reduced cost to blaster.
– Maximizes customer satisfaction.

We will ALWAYS have inventory in stock. Let us look after your shipping requirements to anywhere in North America…. or the world for that matter!